"Vince's Tribute Video" - Corfe Hills School Oscar's Ceremony

By Sarah Martineau · 190 views · 4 days ago
This particular video was created as a tribute to a friend of mine, Vincent Appleby, who passed away from Leukaemia a few months ago. Corfe Hills School and Bournemouth University run an annual Oscars Ceremony to express their pride in their media department which Vince and I took part in. The ceremony consists of videos from the student body, prizes for individual categories and an overall prize which is provided by BU.
Vince and I (alongside Taylor and Matt), took a massive role in the Oscars Ceremony last year and it was an honour to return this year to celebrate the work of those upcoming media students and producers. It's also really important to me, as a friend of Vince's, to honour him in a way and in a place which we so avidly and enthusiastically participated within ourselves.
To those of you who are seeking to become media producers in the future, Vince's story is an outstanding one of commitment, love and dedication and I hope that he inspires you the way that he inspires me.

Thank you,
Sarah Martineau

LEGAL STANDING (please read before sharing):
The video content from within this video is taken from online sources, individual contributions and (as such) none of the footage is my own property. The song, "Where is my mind?" by Maxence Cyrin (a piano cover of the 'Pixies' original song), is the copyrighted property of Maxence Cyrin and MERLIN - I do not own any rights to this song. As such, this video is monetized by MERLIN and Cyrin, not by myself. The footage at the start and end of this video can be purchased from Envato Market and is licensed to me under a Video Media (Single Use) Licence. In reference to the Envato Market legal terms, which I agreed to, this is my singular End Product which will only be distributed online after a showing at the Corfe Hills and Bournemouth University Oscars Ceremony.

As a member of the YouTube community and an amateur media producer, I would just like to add that I believe in full disclosure when regarding the content of my videos. This includes where I came across materials, what materials are owned by myself and what materials are licensed to me. I also do not produce monetized content and, as such, any adverts you see associated with my videos are part of the necessary agreements to allow me to have copyrighted content, which is unlicensed to me, within my video. Please bare in mind that the majority of work which I produce is for educational or artistic purposes and are often associated with schools or universities. If, at any stage, someone wishes to remove my video from YouTube due to exposure or fear of deformation, I am happy to do so.

My personal responsibility as an artist, media producer and student is to ensure that you - the viewer - are content with my work, if you are not or there is some of your content within the video which you feel is unfair usage, I urge you to contact me:

This is for a myriad of reasons, the first being the knowledge that I can re-edit and render the video without the unfair content and secondly, so that I am aware that you have taken offence or require money, signed agreements etc. I provide all of these things upon demand or if there is someone within my video who is speaking and/or featured, acting or otherwise within non-public content.

This is important for me as a media producer to not be sued for using personal/private/non-licensed content or for featuring people/spaces who have not explicitly agreed to feature within the video.

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